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RYF Group: sismabonus

Our company has contacts with several companies that produce solutions to improve the seismic safety of buildings.
Today there are cutting-edge technological solutions that allow us to make our homes safer even in the event of earthquakes, such as:

Seismic coat:

it’s innovative technologic solution that, trough a combined intervention that maximizes the value for money, allows both seismic safety and energy efficiency of existing buildings according to current regulations.

RYF Group: seismic coat

The structural fiberglass mesh:

can be used for the reinforcement of brick masonry walls, rubble or tuff walls and mixed, vaults and floors and has the function of absorbing tension stress that can be generated due to phenomena of static and seismic type, allowing to improve the behavior of the structural elements mentioned above in terms of strength and ductility.

RYF Group: The structural fiberglass mesh