Services: solar and photovoltaic system

RYF Group: photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic panels:

One of the classic interventions of the superbonus is the installation of photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity, energy that will also be used to run the heating and/or cooling system of the house as well as for a part of the remaining electricity needs that your house needs. The quantity and the correct position of the panels will be programmed during the project phase in relation to the possibilities available, also providing the right amount of storage batteries for the energy generated by the panels.

RYF Group: solar system

Solar panels

In addition to the photovoltaic panels we can also install solar thermal for the production of sanitary water, also in this case will be prepared the right quantities of panels and their location in the project phase. The solar panels will be combined with an accumulator with integrated solar station to optimize the production of hot water from your system.