RYF is specialized in the development of interior design and restoration projects for the following markets:
» Banking and finance «
» Interior design for companies «
» Retail industry «
» Hospitality industry «
» Healthcare industry «
» Educational sector «
» Leisure and culture «


Thanks to our staff, sensitive to the themes of industrial development and with a strong inclination to change and progress, we are dedicated to research and development of new construction solutions and innovative materials, aimed at improving an always "smarter" and more eco-friendly way of life.


The budget cost is carefully analysed in every stage of the process and shared with the employer. RYF will always propose several similar design and development solutions, in an economy of scale, while still maintaining high quality in the project.


Through a certified internal control, the project will be translated into an accurate executive and will be entrusted to the scrupulous control of our technicians dedicated to follow the constructive and installation aspect.


Through sophisticated 3D printers we are able to realize any three-dimensional prototype starting from an object drawn through software and creating it in the real world with the aid of suitable materials. This allows us to check the product and implement improvements due before being reproduced in real scale.


RYF ensures the transfer of its team also in the international market for the fit out and the complete installation of the furnishings in loco.

FSC certified material

The RYF group's companies are able to supply FSC certified material.


After sale and maintenance service together with a warranty on the quality of the project. Through a careful CMR system we take care of the logistics optimizing costs and delivery times, all in compliance with the rules of the international transport, with certified packaging tested to protect every single package for the various countries of destination, in particular also for the most demanding markets where climatic conditions require increased attention.


OPENLAB : engineering fitting furniture

Openlab has a team of architects, engineers and craftsmen, capable of offering a service service in the design of custom-made furniture for any commercial use such as restaurants, hotels, shops, exhibitions, ...

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REFCOM : refrigeration and conditioning

Refcom has a technical-designing staff with specific competence in the the realization of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems for food industry and not only by offering a personalized service to every type of requirement.

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MECBRAIN : metal furniture

Mecbrain is a young company, specialized in manufacturing metal furniture for interiors. . It offers a unique and personalized service, to realize even the most unusual furnishing solutions, with a high standard of quality.

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KINGWOOD : wood furniture

Kyngwood is a specialized and well-equipped woodworking company for custom-made furniture and furnishings. Able to carry out any type of wood projects, for any type of interiors, enhancing furnitures functionality, with the aim of full satisfying all the customer needs.

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MECBRAIN : metal furniture

Project management company, dedicated to the contract sector, for the creation of interiors in retail, luxury, hotel and residential sector. With more than twenty years of experience, it offers management control services for the entire project implementation cycle.

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