Services: horizontal and vertical surfaces

RYF Group: Thermal coat

Thermal coat

When a building fails to properly retain heat inside it is called heat loss, so in winter it is cold or wet and requires many hours of heating to become comfortable. In the same way, in summer, it does not shelter adequately from the external heat nor is it able to retain the fresh air derived from a possible air conditioning system.

The correct insulation of the external walls allows to improve the thermo-hygrometric well-being of the building, to solve the problems due to thermal bridges, and is the first step to achieve an adequate level of comfort.

We have many solutions for the thermal coat of your home in order to follow case by case your needs realizing also low thickness insulation.

RYF Group: Roofing insulation

Roofing insulation

Insulating vertical walls is not enough to get the maximum energy performance from our home so we can intervene in improving the quality of the roofing (horizontal surfaces).
The renovation of the roofs will not only improve the energy class of your building but will also prevent infiltration of water and moisture that can damage the structure of the house as well as create nasty stains on the walls and floors.